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FRP Cable Tray
FRP Cable TrayFRP Cable TrayFRP Cable Tray

FRP Cable Tray


The FRP cable tray is composed of FRP reinforced plastics, flame retardant, and other materials


The fiberglass cable tray is composed of fiberglass reinforced plastics, flame retardant, and other materials, and is pressed by composite mold pressing material plus stainless steel shielding net. Owing to the lower thermal conductivity of the materials selected and the addition of flame retardant, the product not only has fire insulation and self-extinguishing properties, but has extremely high corrosion resistance. Meanwhile, they materials have the advantages of light structure, aging resistance and safety and reliability, which can be easily matched with the metal cable tray, and can be used in the strongly corrosive environments of the chemical industry, metallurgy, and petroleum. The product is divided into a large-span cable tray, including cascade, groove and tray forms, and the support interval is generally 6m.

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