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FRP Chimney
FRP ChimneyFRP ChimneyFRP Chimney

FRP Chimney


The main part of FRP chimney is made by winding process, and the winding FRP


The main part of fiberglass chimney is made by winding process, and the winding fiberglass products are made of the laminated structure. Given the large length ratio of fiberglass chimney, we have developed a set of mature and reliable production and installation process to ensure the installation accuracy of the chimney (especially verticality). In addition, we can also design according to the size and height of the diameter of fiberglass chimney at the request of customers. Meanwhile, the shape can also be designed according to the specific requirements of customers. The fiberglass chimney produced by the factory is widely used in electric power, chemical fertilizer, chemical industry, smelting, petroleum and other industries as the unit to process corrosive or high-temperature flue gas.

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