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Corrosion Resistance FRP
Corrosion Resistance FRPCorrosion Resistance FRPCorrosion Resistance FRP

Corrosion Resistance FRP


As for corrosion resistance, FRP uses corrosion-resistant resin and FRP surfacing mat as anti-corrosion


As for corrosion resistance, fiberglass uses corrosion-resistant resin and fiberglass surfacing mat as anti-corrosion layer and unsaturated polyester resin and medium-alkali fiberglass cloth as a reinforced layer, which has high corrosion resistance, good strength and long service life. During construction, the builder applies the plaster to the surface with trowel, spatula and other tools according to a certain thickness through derusting by sandblasting, and then compacts and rolls the surface through rolling to remove bubbles. Besides, the glass cloth shall be laminated and aligned in a certain direction. Since the resin and cement materials have different properties, and plastering is achieved by manual work, the construction quality depends largely on the proficiency of the builder. In addition, fiberglass anticorrosion is widely used in storage tanks, pickling baths, ion exchanges and other equipment of electric power, metallurgy, chemical, printing and dyeing, machinery, environmental protection and other industries.

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