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FRP Scrubber Tower
FRP Scrubber TowerFRP Scrubber TowerFRP Scrubber TowerFRP Scrubber TowerFRP Scrubber Tower

FRP Scrubber Tower


The FRP scrubber is a new type of gas purification treatment equipment.



The FRP scrubber is a new type of gas purification treatment equipment. It is produced on the basis of the floating filler layer gas purifier, and is widely used in the pretreatment of industrial exhaust gas purification, dust removal, etc., and the purification effect is very good.

The product structure product consists of a motor, a reducer, a cylinder block, a cylinder head, a stirring paddle, a stuffing box .

Stirring paddles and shafts: pulp, anchor, frame, spiral and many other forms.

Stirring cylinder: Made of FRP material (vinyl resin for lining).

Style: vertical (divided into flat bottom, inclined bottom, round bottom can, cone bottom, etc.), horizontal.

Feet: It can be selected according to the user's requirements.

The material is carbon steel (FRP anti-corrosion) or stainless steel. Adaptation range conditions of use: Strong acid and alkali.

Liquid level or semi-solid speed: controlled by cycloidal pinion planetary reducer, 20 ~ 200 rev / min.

Design: Excellent mixing function, remarkable mixing effect.

Longevity: The use of FRP tanks as containers has a design life of more than 30 years.

Health: The inner liner of the food-grade resin is used to prevent secondary pollution.

High efficiency: Develop reasonable mixing forms and speeds for different production process requirements.

Energy saving: Different agitation forms are reasonable to ensure the maximum efficiency of power conversion into mechanical energy.

Economy: The stirrer made of FRP has high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance and simple production, so the overall cost is low.

High strength: The advanced winding process ensures that the product is seamless and leak-free, and its strength is far superior to that of steel-lined plastic, glass-lined, pvc and other materials.

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