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FRP Septic Tank
FRP Septic TankFRP Septic TankFRP Septic Tank

FRP Septic Tank


The product has good tightness and no leakage during integrated production.


The product has good tightness and no leakage during integrated production. It covers a small area and has good environmental protection benefits, making it especially suitable for transforming the sewer system in building areas of the old city, and it has the advantage of flexible site selection. It uses high-quality, high-strength fiberglass composite and is characterized by tension resistance, compression resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance and high strength, whose service life can be synchronized with the building. The industrialized integrated production shortens the later construction period of the building, and it can be used on the same day of installation, thus improving the work efficiency and improving the economic and social benefits of the real estate industry. The product is light in weight and easy to install and construct. It adopts the cylindrical shell, and the cylinder wall adopts the structural design of the corrugated surface, which has extremely high compressive strength. Through the detection by relevant departments, various performance indicators meet the design requirements. After installation and finishing the grade level, it has no settlement and deformation after several tests with a 15T truck rolling on the surface. The economic indicator is lower than the final price of the reinforced concrete septic tank, which is the same as the brick tank. All in all, it is attractive in price and quality and is affordable for users, which has been well received by a number of real estate companies and construction units.

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