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FRP Septic Tank
FRP Septic TankFRP Septic TankFRP Septic TankFRP Septic TankFRP Septic Tank

FRP Septic Tank


The integrated production of FRP Septic Tank is rigorous and has no leakage.



The integrated production of FRP Septic Tank is rigorous and has no leakage. It completely solves the problem of polluted groundwater in the brick pool, improves the function of the environment, improves the operation of the septic tank, and ensures the function of anaerobic corrosion of the septic tank. It proves that the cleaning time is three to five times that of the brick septic tank, which brings great convenience to property management.


FRP Septic tank consists of two parts: corrosion and treatment.

There are two circulating water-discharging devices inside, and the mixed membrane storage board divides the pool into three boxes: the first box is a first-grade septic tank, which enters through the circulating stuffing box. The secondary septic tank, the sewage passing through the secondary septic tank enters the third treatment tank through the circulation packing box.

The body elastic packing is set in the stuffing box and the treatment tank body to form a three-stage biochemical treatment device.


Compared with soft honeycomb fillers and soft and semi-soft fillers, three-dimensional elastic fillers have large pore variability, no clogging, long material life, no sticking joints, large surface cross-sectional area, and fast film hanging. Energy efficient and innovative filler.


(1)The two-way circulation membrane device increases the flow of sewage in the pool. The residence time of the sewage in the pool is increased, the degree of biodegradation is improved. The index of COD and ammonia nitrogen in the sewage is greatly reduced. And the grid, filtration and the like are also integrated features. After treatment, the water quality can reach the national secondary emission standard.

(2) This product has a small footprint and good environmental protection benefits. It is especially suitable for the establishment of a septic tank in the reconstruction of the sewer system in the old city building area, which has the advantage of flexible site selection. In the residential area project, the land saved by the increasing number of underground gas networks such as gas, water, rain, telephone, electricity, cable TV, and geothermal air conditioning can improve the conditions of the comprehensive facilities of the pipeline network.

(3) This product adopts high-quality high-strength FRP composite material, which has the characteristics of tensile strength, compression resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance and high strength. The service life can be synchronized with the building.

(4) Factory-integrated production shortened the construction period in the later stage of the building. It was used on the same day of installation, which improved the work efficiency and improved the economic and social benefits of the real estate industry.

(5) light in weight and easy to install and construct.

(6) adopts cylindrical shell, the wall of the tube adopts corrugated curved surface structure design, and the compressive strength is extremely high. The performance indicators of the relevant departments are in line with the design requirements. After the installation is completed, the ground is measured several times. Inspection, the 15T truck does not settle and is invariant in the upper part.

(7)The economic index of this product is lower than the final price of reinforced concrete septic tank, which is basically the same as the brick pool. It is affordable and affordable to users, and is supported by many real estate companies and construction units.

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