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GRE Pipe System
GRE Pipe SystemGRE Pipe SystemGRE Pipe SystemGRE Pipe SystemGRE Pipe System

GRE Pipe System


GRE pipe is made of epoxy resin matrix, high-strength glass fiber and other auxiliary materials through the winding process.


1. Introduction

GRE pipe is made of epoxy resin matrix, high-strength glass fiber and other auxiliary materials through the winding process.


2. GRE Low pressure/high pressure pipe

(1)Product description

Rated Pressure Range: ≤5.5Mpa

Curing Series: Acid Anhydride-cured system Aromatic Amine-cured system

Max. Operating Temperature: 120℃

Diameter Range: 1½" - 40" (40mm - 1000mm )

(2)Connection type

Bell & Spigot Joint


Double “O-ring” Joint


API 8 RND Thread Joint


3.Carried standard

American Petroleum Institute 15LR Standards
SY/T6266-2004 Chinese Petroleum and Nature Gas industry Standards
International Maritime Organization A.753 Standards
America Society for Testing and Materials F1173 Standards


Fire water pipeline for LNG Terminal
Sea water pipeline
Bittern water pipeline
Potable water and sewage pipeline


5.Type approval

American Petroleum Institute 15LR Certification
Manufacture License of Special Equipment Certification
ABS Certification
CCS Certification
BL Certification
BV Certification
KR Certification



High pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life
Meeting the requirements of Jet Fire in ASTM F1173
Low friction coefficient, no-scale, excellent hydraulic characteristic


7. Product assurance

Raw material: The main materials include the reinforced fiber-glass from PPG company and Owens Coming company and the epoxy resin from the American DOW company and the domestic large enterprises.

Effectively audit operator in process: Pipe is manufactured using computer-controlled equipment, so that it can meet industry’s ever more exacting needs for quality products
and services, it is also certificated with ISO 9001.

Acceptance Control: Each pipe will have the pressure test by using the automatic press machine, in order to make sure all the pipes and fittings are qualified.

Note: The company reserves the right to change the specifications and technical data and the instructions and graphic materials. The data is only a general introduction
rather than some kind of guarantee.

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