FRP Desulfurization Tower

FRP Desulfurization Tower


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Product details

FRP desulfurization tower is a side-in and top-out impact dust removal desulfurizer, which makes the flue gas directly impact the water surface, saves water and reduces pollution, convenient operation and maintenance, low operating costs, and good dehydration effect. It is an economical and practical wet dust removal desulfurizer.

 It is widely used in carbon factories, brick factories, industrial parks and other projects. This product is assembled in sections, has a small footprint, is convenient for transportation and installation, is equipped with a dehydration device in the cylinder, the design of the dehydration plate is reasonable, and the efficiency of dust removal and desulfurization is high.

The material is made of high temperature resistant glass fiber reinforced plastic, which is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, high strength and long service life.


FRP Desulfurization Tower

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