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FRP/GRP Pultrusion Profiles

GRP pultruded profiles/FRP pultrusion profiles, also known as FRP/GRP pultruded sections.Pultruded Fiberglass Sections provide a unique and unmatched combination of corrosion resistivity, high strength, thermal & electrical non-conductivity, dimensional stability and light weight sections providing virtually maintenance free services in most harsh industrial environments where traditional materials like steel, aluminium or wooden have failed to provide all the above properties.Get a free quotation.

FRP Pultruded Products:frp fence,frp bridge support,frp cable tray,frp grating.

Features of GRP pultruded profiles

  • Maximum Corrosion Resistance: Responsible for enhancing the life of the product in harsh environments subject to extreme conditions of industries.

  • High Strength and Light Weight: This property of FRP allows dependable support to applied loads providing higher strength to weight ratio as compared to any other material.

  • Thermal & Electrical Non-Conductivity: Very essential characteristics ensuring highest safety standards for the personnel working there.

  • Dimensional Stability: The product is so designed which maintains cross-section of shapes based on low co-efficient of thermal expansion.

  • Electromagnetic transparency: The products does not interfere with the transmission of radio and microwave frequencies.

Applications of GRP pultruded profiles

Pultrusion products have a wide range of applications spanning across industries like infrastructure, electrical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, heavy industries, Automotive etc. 

  • Chemical and petrochemical

  • Metal processing

  • Oil and gas

  • Waste and water treatment

  • Agri-chem and fertilizer

  • Food processing

  • Mass transit

  • Military

  • Mining and minerals

  • Power

  • Pulp and paper

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