Horizontal Storage Tanks

Horizontal Storage Tanks


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Product details

FRP storage tanks are divided into vertical storage tanks and horizontal storage tanks. The winding material selection of storage tanks must be appropriate, quality priority, and price consideration. In the actual production, the tank wall structure of the FRP-wound storage tank is generally an inner liner layer, a strength layer and an outer surface layer.

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They are resistant to pressure, corrosion, ageing, long service life, light weight, high strength, impermeability, heat insulation, insulation, non-toxicity and smooth surface. 


FRP tanks can be used to store tanks of various media. It is widely used in coatings, pharmaceuticals, building materials, chemicals, pigments, resins, food, scientific research and other industries.

Material and resin selection:

1.Due to the different functions of the layers, the materials are selected differently, and the inner liner is directly in contact with the medium, and the material selection is correct or not, which plays a key role in controlling the leakage of the wound storage tank.


2.To use vinyl resin if store acidic medium, to use bisphenol A resin if store alkali medium, to use alkali-free glass fiber if need to be water and alkali resistant, to use medium-alkali glass fiber if need to be acid-resistant , and the inner liner is made of surface felt and chopped together to reinforce to increase the amount of glue and enhance the impermeability.


3.The strength layer mainly meets the strength and stiffness requirements of the storage tank. Material selection should fully consider that the selected resin matrix must have good penetrability with the glass fiber for winding to form a dense structural layer; the outer surface is in direct contact with the external environment, and the material is selected according to the aging resistance requirement.

Horizontal Storage Tanks Vs Vertical Storage Tanks


Generally speaking, vertical chemical storage tanks are more stable. This is because their design allows for the base to be placed on a flat, solid surface. A horizontal water tank can only provide this level of stability if you add special supports at the bottom, increasing the cost and the risk of an accident.

2.Pressure Distribution

Vertical tanks are also the better choice when it comes to pressure distribution. The cylindrical shape of vertical storage tanks means that there are fewer stress points, creating a more even distribution of pressure. This allows vertical tanks to store greater volumes of liquid without compromising safety.


One of the big advantages of horizontal storage tanks is that they take up less height. This makes them a great choice for enclosed spaces such as lofts, where they are often used as header tanks.


Horizontal water storage tanks tend to be more expensive. This is because they have a greater diameter, and therefore require thicker walls to operate safely. A vertical tank requires less material and is therefore cheaper to produce.


Vertical tanks usually take up less space, making them a good choice for smaller areas. The exception is spaces with low roofs or ceilings, where a horizontal tank will be a better fit.


If your tank is going to be exposed to the elements, it is usually safer to choose a horizontal tank. This is because there is less chance of it being toppled by strong winds. However, a horizontal tank will require a base to keep it stable in windy conditions.


A horizontal tank is easier to transport as it can be loaded onto a truck and used as a bowser. However, if you’re planning to transport water regularly, it is a good idea to buy a specialised transport tank. 

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Horizontal Storage Tanks


Horizontal Storage Tanks

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