Large Storage Tank

Large Storage Tank


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In addition to vertical storage tanks and horizontal storage tanks, there are some large-size storage tanks that need to be made on site. We call them large-scale on-site storage tanks. The vertical winding process used in large-scale storage tanks is compared with the traditional horizontal winding process. , It solves the problem that the large-diameter storage tank cannot be wound as a whole, and the space required for production is small, and the maximum diameter of the storage tank can reach 25m.

Process advantages:

(1) The winding of large-diameter storage tanks can be realized.

(2) In addition to the loop outwards, spiral winding is introduced during the winding process, and the winding angle can be designed according to the force of the storage tank.

(3) The inner layer, structural layer and outer layer are formed at one time, and the inner lining has no longitudinal joints, which improves the strength of the storage tank.

(4) The storage tank is demoulded vertically to avoid reversal during the stripping process and ensure product quality.



A reasonable layer structure is a good guarantee for the strength and corrosion resistance of FRP. The wall of the FRP storage tank is composed of the following 3 layers:

(1) Inner layer: consists of a resin-rich layer and an intermediate layer. The resin-rich layer is reinforced by lining resin and organic fiber polyester felt, with a resin content of more than 90%, and its thickness is about 0.5mm. The layer has good air tightness and is very smooth, and mainly provides the corrosion resistance and anti-permeability of the product. The middle layer is composed of lining resin and non-alkali glass fiber jet yarn. The main function of this layer is to protect the resin-rich layer and prevent cracks from spreading.

(2) Structural layer: the reinforcement layer, which is made of non-twisted glass fiber roving, reinforced with glass fabric (or chopped fiber mat) to protect the inner layer, which can improve the wear resistance of FRP.

(3) Outer layer: Use glass fiber surface mat to reinforce, and sometimes use 0.1-0.2mm thin glass tape to reinforce. At the same time, UV absorber is added to the resin to prevent aging. The modified layer is mainly to protect the outer wall from external mechanical damage and UV protection.


Large Storage Tank

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