January 22, 2019

Selection Of Cable Trays

Here is Long Service Life Fiberglass Composite manufacturer talking about Cable Trays. 

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The grounding of the metal cable tray has to be safe and reliable. To guarantee that, first the material and cross-sectional area of the grounding protection line has to satisfy the requirements; the second set must be correct.

The alloy cable tray and its brackets and also the incoming or outgoing metal cable conduit needs to be earth (PE) or zero (PEN) reliable and must comply with the following regulations:

1. The complete duration of This metal cable and its support ought to Be on the Earth (PE) or zero (PEN) mains no less than 2 Areas;

2. The 2 ends of the connecting plate between the non-galvanized cable trays have been on the aluminum core grounding cable, and the minimum allowable cross-sectional Subject of the grounding wire Isn't less than 4 mm;

3. The 2 ends of the connecting plate between the galvanized cable trays do not cross the grounding wire, but there aren't less than two linking fixing bolts with anti-loose nuts or anti-loose washers at both ends of the connecting plate.

4.  This clause specifies the minimum allowable cross-section (4mm) of the copper core grounding wire at both ends of the connection between the non-galvanized cable trays, but many engineers have different understandings of this 4mm. Most projects are 4mm or 6mm, and generally no more than 10mm.

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