December 18, 2023

Materials and Functions of FRP Spray Towers

The advantages of FRP spray tower are simple construction, cheap engineering cost, small gas pressure drop, and not easy to block. At this stage, it is widely used in the software of desulfurization tower system.

Materials and Functions of FRP Spray Towers

Working principle of spray tower

Industrial acid and alkali exhaust gas enters the spray tower under the action of the fan. In the spraying layer of the spray tower, the absorbent liquid sprayed from the nozzle is evenly distributed on the packing, and the exhaust gas and absorbent liquid are fully contacted to react on the surface of the packing. acidic substances such as HCL, NO2 and NH3. are easily soluble in water and almost completely dissolved in the absorbing liquid, reacting with the absorbing liquid to produce harmless salt and water, thus achieving the purpose of purifying the exhaust gas. The purified gas will be filled with water and directly discharged into the atmosphere after being removed by the mist removal device at the top of the tower. By dirty absorption liquid. The purified gas will be filled with water and directly discharged to the atmosphere after being removed by the mist elimination device at the top of the tower. The absorption liquid is prepared according to the nature of pollutants and can be recycled.

Materials and Functions of FRP Spray Towers

FRP Spray Pipe

Material of spraying tower

1. PP material

PP material, scientifically known as polypropylene, non-toxic and tasteless, low density, high strength, high toughness, heat resistance is better than low-pressure polyethylene, can be used at about 80 ℃. It has good dielectric properties, insulation, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, some materials can also be anti-UV, fire, flame retardant.

2. FRP material

FRP material, commonly known as FRP, has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, excellent insulation performance, and slightly better than PP material in terms of high temperature resistance. But the manufacturing cost will be much higher than PP spray tower equipment.


PVDF material, scientific name polyvinylidene fluoride, is the strongest fluorine plastic toughness, low coefficient of friction, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, good weather resistance, good radiation resistance material. Its high temperature resistance is slightly better than FRP, but the manufacturing cost will be higher than FRP.

4. Stainless steel

Before, stainless steel and carbon steel was the main material of spray tower at that time. They are strong and durable, but the cost is slightly higher, but the acid and alkali corrosion resistance is not good. So most of the spray tower materials on the market now are replaced by FRP materials.

Materials and Functions of FRP Spray Towers

Vertical Storage Tanks

The role of spray tower

1、Self-jet dust reduction

Using the water in the deep well or fire fighting reservoir, spraying dust reduction, absorbing the dust particles and residues overhead. It can reduce the value of fine particulate matter concentration in the air of construction sites by 85%. The road surface will become moist and the re-blowing of dust will be reasonably suppressed.

2、Self-jet maintenance

During the construction period of the main project of all acts, workers adjust the water flow size of the nozzle according to the specific situation on the spot, and carry out maintenance on the main project.

3、Fire safety at high places

On the rear arm of the crane, modified fire nozzle. Construction site fire accident conditions, adjust the sprinkler, with the advantages of high terrain, cover a wide range of advantages, rapid elimination of fire.

4、Self-jet temperature reduction

The ground temperature of the construction site in summer is close to 50 ℃, the workers work very difficult. The use of the enterprise's goods, the regular implementation of self-spraying, reasonable completion of the construction site "artificial rain" to promote the reduction of temperature, and thus reduce the chances of workers in the department.

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