December 13, 2023

What Are the Characteristics of FRP Fencing

The emergence of FRP material has changed the previous stable position of cast iron. FRP fence has high light weight and high strength, which not only brings aspects to the installation, but also has strong load-bearing capacity. So, what are the characteristics of FRP fence?


1. The steel material is usually used in the traditional guardrail in the power system. In order to solve the problem of heating and high induced voltage caused by electromagnetic induction under high electromagnetic field, copper or stainless steel non-magnetic materials are added to the steel structure fence, which increases the cost. However, the above problems can not be solved fundamentally. These problems will make the operation and maintenance personnel suffer electric shock and heat the metal fence under large induced current, which will bring serious hidden trouble to the operation and maintenance personnel and equipment operation, and steel corrosion will also increase the maintenance workload.
The guardrail made of FRP material can easily solve the above problems, because FRP material is a non-magnetic material, non-conductor material, and has the characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance, easy processing and maintenance-free.

What Are the Characteristics of FRP Fencing

2. High strength and impact resistance: the strength of FRP and steel is similar, which is four times that of ordinary plastic. It is easy to recover from impact, and can be restored to the original shape after being hit by objects. The tensile and bending strength is above 600pa, and the ability to prevent fatigue is about 50 times that of steel.

3. Corrosion resistance, FRP materials are not affected by the long-term action of 10% sulfuric acid, 20% nitric acid and 50% acetic acid. Maintenance-free, no rust, no need to paint every year, basically no maintenance fee.

4. Good weather resistance, no oxidation corrosion, no fading, no paint protection, no daily care, no lightning strike. It is also different from wood and other materials will rot, mildew phenomenon.

5, color diversity and: like plastic, it can have a variety of colors, convenient for urban color design, no reflective pollution of stainless steel.

6. Lightweight and convenient installation: the specific gravity of only steel is 1 stroke 4, which is convenient for installation and construction.

7. Anti-theft: because it is not recyclable and sold, it reduces the possibility of illegal elements to steal. The installation of a danger-free fence is one of the technical measures to ensure that the staff in the field are free from danger.

Main use

Petrochemical, textile printing and dyeing, food processing, electronic industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing, electric power engineering, metal smelting, sewage treatment, transportation, machinery manufacturing, waterworks breeding, beverage production, paper industry, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing, civil construction.
In addition, WEITONG has FRP grating for sale, which can be used in operating platforms, maintenance walkways, drilling platforms, floors, stair steps, equipment walkways, gutter covers, footbridges, packing brackets, ship decks, scaffolding, ventilation grids, fences, corrosion-resistant shelves.

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