June 20, 2022

FRP Desulfurization Tower Functions and Types

FRP desulfurization tower product is a desulfurization equipment used in various industrial fields. This product can be used in chemical industry, metallurgical industry, electric power industry and other industries.

The main function of the FRP desulfurization tower is to mix the flue gas to be desulfurized with a desulfurizer, desulfurization and dehydration through some complex processes, that is, the high temperature sulfur-containing flue gas becomes the emission standard after treatment and treatment. Desulfurization tower. A "clean flue gas" with minimal water and sulphur content is then discharged into the surrounding atmosphere through the flue and stack.

FRP Desulfurization Tower Functions and Types

The dust collector can not only remove sulfur dioxide from flue gas, but also produce high value-added ammonium sulfate fertilizer products. The boiler dust removal equipment uses a certain concentration (here, 28% as an example) of ammonia water as a desulfurizer, and the generated ammonia sulfate slurry is sent to the fertilizer plant treatment system. The amount of ammonia required for the desulfurization process is automatically adjusted by a preset pH control valve and measured by a flow meter. The ammonia sulfate crystals are crystallized in a desulphurized dust remover by a saturated ammonium sulfate slurry to form about 35% by weight of suspended particles. The slurry is pumped to the treatment field, dehydrated by primary and secondary, and then sent to the fertilizer plant for further dehydration, drying, condensation and storage. The boiler dust collector also produces considerable steam desulfurization. By-products, to achieve certain economic benefits.

Scope of application of FRP desulfurization tower:

FRP desulfurization tower pipes are used in petroleum, chemical and drainage industries. The production of FRP pipes in my country is developing rapidly, the number is increasing year by year, and the scope of application and departments are becoming more and more extensive.

FRP Desulfurization Tower Functions and Types

Nine commonly used FRP desulfurization tower pipeline

(1) Desulfurization pipeline; 

(2) FRP sand pipe; 

(3) FRP pressure pipe; 

(4) FRP cable protection pipe; 

(5) FRP water pipeline; 

(6) FRP pipe insulation pipe; 

(7) FRP ventilation pipe ; 

(8) FRP sewage pipe; 

(9) FRP jacking pipe;

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