June 13, 2022

Why FRP Pipes Can Reduce Corrosion Expenses

Often, those who use large equipment in construction or heavy industrial enterprises have to accept that corrosion is a by-product of their work. Steel, wood and aluminum products are all at risk of corrosion, which can increase cost consumption. This is where we can turn our attention to FRP products, which have an unparalleled resistance to corrosion.

WEITONG takes a look at how they can help the construction industry reduce maintenance costs.

Why FRP Pipes Can Reduce Corrosion Expenses

Why corrosion happens

First, let's look at how corrosion occurs. The main causes that come to mind for most people are simply time, wear and tear. However, it is important to understand the specific conditions that can exacerbate and accelerate the possible adverse effects of a corrosive environment.

Chemical compounds

Compounds that are an unavoidable side effect of industrial processes, such as sulfuric acid and methane gas, can diffuse and penetrate traditional materials such as aluminum and steel, gradually reacting with molecules on the surface and causing various forms of degradation.

Why FRP Pipes Can Reduce Corrosion Expenses


When wastewater comes in contact with metals, the chemical contaminants in the wastewater begin to erode the composite structure, causing severe surface rusting. If left untreated, rusting can lead to structural problems, which can cause serious health and safety issues.

Environmental Factors

Classical materials exhibit the adverse effects of their ever-changing atmosphere and structure when metals are exposed to wind, rain, sunlight and cyclical temperatures.

Why FRP Pipes Can Reduce Corrosion Expenses

FRP Anticorrosion

FRP products save money

FRP process pipes have excellent properties that other traditional pipes (metal, concrete, plastic) cannot match and are resistant to corrosion, abrasion and heat. WEITONG FRP produces fiberglass pipes for a wide range of applications, such as desulfurization, denitrification and desalination. Manufacturers realize that they can save millions of dollars in after-sales service and maintenance costs due to the high performance and wear-resistant FRP solutions.

FRP pipe greatly reduces some of the concerns about wastewater discharges into your facility area that can cause incalculable and irreversible damage and production delays. Based on globally respected and recognized regulations and standards, forward-thinking companies are beginning to see FRP as a viable and versatile solution, known for its robust construction and corrosion resistance.

Why FRP Pipes Can Reduce Corrosion Expenses


WEITONG FRP pipes and storage towers are lighter and easier to assemble, so components can be prefabricated or assembled on-site or off-site. This eliminates the need for complex construction plans and simplifies delivery times. Contact us to learn about the many FRP materials available.