January 25, 2022

What Is the Life Expectancy of FRP Tanks? What Will Affect It?

The average life expectancy of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks is 20-30 years. The average life expectancy for polyethylene tanks is 10-15 years, so you can see why agricultural producers, commercial industries and government agencies prefer FRP storage tanks to polyethylene tanks.

FRP tanks don't always complete their expected lifespan. There are several factors that can reduce the life expectancy of FRP tanks, and WEITONG has you covered. We can do our best to avoid these factors in use to extend the life of the storage tank.

Rough handling

Rough handling can cause the weathering resin layer of FRP tanks to gradually wither, leaving the tank vulnerable to UV and environmental damage. FRP tanks with a damaged weathering resin layer are prone to micro-cracking. 

FRP Tanks

High Temperatures

Higher operating temperatures can also reduce the life expectancy of FRP tanks. Higher temperatures can affect the way chemicals stored in FRP tanks react with their resin chemical barrier layer, making FRP tanks more susceptible to chemical damage.  

Inappropriate chemicals

FRP tanks react to corrosive or oxidizing chemicals. Prolonged exposure to these chemicals can damage the structure of FRP tanks and cause them to fail prematurely.


Poor Maintenance

Poor maintenance can also prevent FRP tanks from functioning optimally and reduce their life expectancy. A strong FRP tank maintenance program requires regular cleaning and disinfection, as well as periodic inspections for leaks and repairs.

FRP Tanks

Improper Venting

Improper venting is by far the most commonly overlooked factor in FRP tank failures. FRP tanks that are over-pressurized or placed under vacuum always fail sooner than expected.

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