April 20, 2022

Durable FRP Septic Tank Installation Attention

FRP septic tank is a kind of FRP storage tank specially designed for domestic sewage treatment. FRP septic tank is manufactured with glass fiber as reinforcement and resin as binder by fiber winding process, which is a kind of composite product actively promoted in the world.

It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and mirror finish, which makes its performance far superior to similar products such as ceramics, hard plastics and steel. Compared with traditional septic tank, FRP septic tank is durable and not easy to leak.



Cost saving. FRP septic tank is manufactured by factory, mechanization, batching and integration.

FRP septic tank is made by one-piece structure. Compared with concrete septic tanks, it does not require manual bricklaying. You only need to dig a pit of suitable size for installation, thus reducing installation workload and time.

Land saving. FRP septic tank saves land excavation area.

High efficiency. FRP septic tank has good sealing performance, which can treat manure efficiently and provide more than 2 times of anaerobic decay than traditional septic tank.

Environmentally friendly. FRP septic tanks are manufactured with one-piece structure. Thus, it has good sealing performance, does not leak, does not pollute the surface water, and does not corrode the flowers, trees and electric wires and cables around the septic tank. FRP septic tank adopts high level siphon adsorption drainage inside the tank to realize multiple sedimentation and purification.

Durable: FRP septic tank is made of new composite material FRP, which has excellent aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance and a service life of up to 50 years.

High pressure resistance and compressive strength. The FRP septic tank is sealed with international 50 steel resin sealing elements. In addition, all sealing elements are made in cylindrical shape, which makes it provide higher pressure and compressive strength than polygonal and square sealing elements.

Less maintenance afterwards and long sludge cleaning cycle. The FRP septic tank is buried underground and requires no electricity and post maintenance management.


How to install

1, good sealing FRP septic tank shipped to the construction site, the product should be accepted before installation. According to the sewage inlet, final outlet and construction drawings for site layout, digging trench under the condition that the product can be placed.

2. Excavate to confirm whether there are other pipelines on the ground and take care not to damage them. Whether there is groundwater, soil quality, etc.

3、Grading according to the type of septic tank and soil conditions.

4、Before digging the trench, prepare the power supply, water pump, clean water source, shovel, measuring tape, gauges, etc., the necessary tools for the construction in case of emergency.

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