April 26, 2022

What Should I Prepare Before Choosing FRP Storage Tanks

FRP tank is a common tank body in our life, compared with steel water storage tank and plastic water tank, FRP material has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high strength and long service life, etc. FRP Tank manufacturer shares some suggestions about choosing FRP water tank.

Process design data

Know the temperature, pressure, maximum use pressure, maximum use temperature, minimum use temperature, corrosiveness, quality, vapor pressure, inlet and outlet volume, etc. of the medium to be stored in the storage tank. The same resin, different uses, different prices. The thickness of FRP shell varies by quality and price. These data are collected as design basis data.

What Should I Prepare Before Choosing FRP Storage Tanks

Selecting materials

For the storage of chemicals, the corrosiveness of the medium is an important factor in considering the storage material. Corrosive materials can be selected from enameled vessels and glass-lined vessels depending on the working pressure and working temperature. Steel pressure vessels can also be lined with rubber, lined with porcelain, lined with PTFE, etc., to improve the corrosion resistance of the vessel.

Types of storage tanks

The choice of carious storage tank includes horizontal or vertical and head type. According to the requirements of the process conditions at the time of design, from the national standard series of containers, choose the type of container that matches the parameters of the process conditions.

FRP storage tank steel frame: good or bad material, choose expensive, choose poor cheap. The same angle steel has three or four different prices, that is, the same steel and material thickness, product quality is also different.

GRP storage tank water distribution section: fixed and rotary, consisting of dry pipe, water distribution branch pipe and nozzle or rotary distributor.

GRP tank water receiver: fixed pipe water distribution, due to the use of nozzle, the sprayed cooling water will be pumped out from the cooling tower by the fan, constituting a water loss and purification environment. Water splash loss of the cooling tower.

What Should I Prepare Before Choosing FRP Storage Tanks

Measurement of dimensions

The appropriate volume of the storage tank is determined by taking into account the type of tank, the nature of the stored material, the size of the available site, the handling capacity of the equipment and other factors. After the initial determination of the appropriate volume of the storage tank, the total volume of the material to be stored divided by the value obtained from the appropriate volume of the storage tank, that is, the required effect after rounding.

After the volume of the storage tank is determined, the diameter and length can be determined. The length to width ratio should take into account the appearance of beautiful and practical, and to adapt to the size of the workplace.

The above is the FRP pipeline exporter WEITONG introduced the selection principles of FRP storage tanks. We hope there is practical help for everyone to buy storage tanks.

What Should I Prepare Before Choosing FRP Storage Tanks