March 18, 2020

What should I do when Choosing a FRP Tank?

When choosing a tangled glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tank, good materials are too expensive, and general materials are not good, so how to choose at the end, I will teach you the following. Speaking of FRP tanks, I believe everyone is familiar. It is a common storage tank body in our lives, but many friends do not know much about it now. Today, Compression Resistance Fiberglass Septic Tank Exporter will share with you some advice on choosing a FRP tank.

1. Glass fiber reinforced plastic shell: the same resin, different uses, different prices. The thickness of FRP enclosures varies in quality and price. FRP enclosures are thin, cheap and expensive. The cooling tower motor collapsed during transportation. Why glass fiber reinforced plastic can not bear the weight of the cooling tower motor. Because the glass fiber reinforced plastic shell is thin and the reinforcement is not strengthened, why do you do this because the cooling tower is low cost, low price and competitive. After so many years, the cooling tower has never been can not withstand the collapse of motor parts, even if it is used for many years, it is still in operation, and the products in the same industry are very scarce. Product quality and characteristics are achievements.

2. Cooling tower motor / accelerator: The motor must be an ordinary cooling tower. The quality is different. The quality of the same motor varies by hundreds. There are poles in the same motor (the lower the number of poles, the faster the pole number, and the faster the speed. ).

Generally speaking, cooling towers do not need high-speed motors because their working environment is hot and humid, high-speed motors are easily damaged, and the higher the magnetic pole, the more expensive the motor is. The high price gives you a small workshop to enter the motor, the quality you can imagine yourself.

FRP Storage Tank

FRP Storage Tank

3. Cooling tower fan: The fan is composed of aluminum blades and welded hubs. The width and thickness of aluminum blades are related to the quality and price of the product. As an important part of the cooling tower, the quality of the cooling tower fan is related to the efficiency of the entire cooling tower. What is the purpose of your purchase of cooling tower cooling water. In order to increase the cost and absorb your eyeballs at a higher price, he can make the leaves narrow and thin for you, so that the air volume cannot reach. What kind of cooling is also driven by a motor, but with low efficiency and low power consumption, you lack money when you buy it, and really lack money when you use it.

4.FRP Storage Tank steel frame: the material is good or bad, the choice is expensive, and the poor choice is cheap. The same angle steel has three or four different prices, that is, the same steel and material thickness, and the product quality is also different.

5.GRP storage tank water distribution section: fixed and rotary, composed of dry pipe, water distribution branch pipe and nozzle or rotary distributor.

6. Glass fiber reinforced plastic tank water receiver: fixed pipe water distribution, because the spray nozzle is used, the cooling water that is sprayed will be drawn from the cooling tower by the fan, which constitutes the loss of water and the purification of the environment. Water splash loss from cooling tower.

The above are the precautions for selecting fiberglass storage tanks introduced by Fiberglass Pipe supplier.