November 17, 2021

​Why Should We Install FRP Septic Tanks?

FRP septic tank is an equipment made of synthetic resin base and glass fiber reinforced material, which is specially used for treating domestic sewage. At present, the use of FRP septic tanks is becoming more and more widespread, slowly becoming more extensive than the use of concrete septic tanks.

Good treatment effect

FRP septic tank uses polymer material compounded with high-strength FRP fiber, and makes significant improvements on the basis of the original septic tank, with integral manufacturing, good sealing and no leakage. It is conducive to the growth of anaerobic bacteria, does not breed flies, does not pollute the environment, increases the contact area with organic matter in the sewage, so that the sewage can be more fully decomposed and digested. 

On the one hand, it solves the pollution caused by underground leakage of brick and concrete septic tanks, and on the other hand, it can greatly improve the problem of wet and soft foundation sinking caused by leakage which endangers the safety of surrounding buildings.

High compressive strength

FRP septic tank has a unique design of dense corrugated structure in the circular direction, which increases the compressive and impact strength by several times and can be used in different situations without any comprehensive reinforcement measures. It is buried underground and does not occupy land area, and the upper part of the tank can be used as green space, road, parking lot, etc.

According to the force situation, it can be divided into ordinary type and reinforced type. The ordinary type is suitable for green space and pedestrian passage, and the reinforced type is suitable for road or parking lot. Plus solid design scientifically and reasonably set up a number of longitudinal and transverse ribs compression protection, the pool body closely combined, so that the pool body bending resistance, compression performance better.

High biochemical efficiency

After 12 to 24 hours of sedimentation, it can remove 50% to 60% of suspended matter. After more than 3 months of anaerobic digestion of the settled sludge, the organic matter in the sludge is decomposed into stable inorganic matter, and the raw sludge which is easy to rot is transformed into stable cooked sludge, which reduces the water content of the sludge and thus makes the discharged water cleaner, so it is an unquestionable product for environmental protection to replace brick and prefabricated reinforced concrete structure septic tanks, and at the same time can greatly reduce COD emission standard and purify the environment, which has a very important practical value.

Easy installation

FRP septic tanks are quick and easy to install, with factory production, flexible site selection, short construction period and low construction cost, and can be installed and used on the same day. Traditional septic tanks have a long construction cycle and are easily affected by rainy seasons and groundwater. When the FRP septic tank is installed, the site only needs to dig a good pit as required, and the whole is lifted into place, truly achieving waterless construction. It is convenient to speed up the construction progress and avoid the working condition that the pit collapses due to the delay of construction period.

The site selection is flexible, and it is more labor-saving and time-saving for the construction unit to improve the construction efficiency.

Affordable price

The economic index of FRP septic tank is low, and the budget price is about 20% lower than that of reinforced concrete septic tank, which is basically the same as that of brick septic tank. Traditional septic tanks are expensive, cumbersome to construct, and not environmentally friendly.

The overall cost is lower than that of reinforced concrete septic tank, which is the preferred and more ideal product for real estate development companies and urban construction departments. It saves land resources, increases the green area, improves the environment of the community, and enhances the economic and social benefits of the real estate industry. The normal use of the same life as the building, up to 50 years.

FRP septic tank is mainly used for sewage purification and treatment equipment in the living rooms and buildings of industrial enterprises in urban residential communities. It plays a positive role in retaining and settling large particles of impurities in sewage, preventing sewage from blocking pipes and reducing the burial depth of pipes. If you have plans for a large volume installation, contact us now for custom cooperation. Who doesn't want a clean and sanitary community?