November 10, 2021

Daily Use and Maintenance of FRP Spray Tower

Spray tower, also known as washing tower, is a kind of waste gas treatment equipment, in the use of waste gas treatment process is more common, it is widely used in waste gas treatment environmental protection projects. Let's take a look at the daily use of the spray tower and how to maintain it.

Daily use

The structure of the spray tower consists of the tower, circulating water pump, circulating water tank, etc.. In the installation process, you only need to connect the ventilation pipes and fans, after the completion of commissioning can be normal operation. In the daily use only need to turn on the fan, pump switch can be used normally.

FRP washing Tower

Regular inspection

In the process of use, the following items of spray tower should be checked regularly.

1, The appearance of equipment whether there is serious dirt or debris, etc.

2, Spray tower in the packing ball, spray layer whether the phenomenon of blockage.

3, Whether the normal operation of the circulating water pump.

4, If there is blockage in the circulating water tank.

5, Whether the sediment at the bottom of the spray tower is too thick.

6, Check the loose parts or abnormal noise during the operation of the spray tower.

Regularly check and record the above inspection items, once the problem is found should be repaired and maintained in the following manner.

FRP Spray pipe


1, Timely cleaning of the spray tower surface and pumps, fans and piping surface to prevent the accumulation of debris gathered;

2, If the spray tower packing ball and spray layer is found to be blocked, WEITONGFRP recommends that the water supply ball valve of the spray layer should be closed first, and the water pressure of the circulating pump should be pressurized to another spray layer. And flush the nozzle and the packing ball. After eliminating the blockage phenomenon, change to another spray layer for flushing and cleaning.

3, Washing tower water pump should be closed for maintenance inspection. The idling of the water pump is usually the water level of the tank is too low, the inlet ball valve should be opened to replenish the circulating water. If the noise is abnormal or loose, etc., should find out the specific reasons and timely repair.

4、Open the circulating water tank cover and look at the multiple filter orifice plates in the tank. If you find a lot of stains and block the mesh, please take it out and wash it with a brush and put it back into the spray tower. Excessive serious clogging should be cleaned with warm water or by adding chemicals.

5, People should regularly clean the bottom of the spray tower sediment. Timely discharge the sewage in the spray tower, open the transparent access hole, the staff can enter the tower with tools to clean the tower sediment, and then flush the bottom of the tower and the tower wall with clean water. If the tower and the circulating water tank in the stain is serious, should use the appropriate chemical cleaning.

6, If in the process of spraying tower running parts loosening or abnormal noise, should promptly determine the cause, do a good job of timely reinforcement or replacement of the corresponding parts of the work.

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