November 04, 2021

What Is FRP Corrosion Protection Performance?

What is FRP corrosion protection performance? It is a glass fiber material applied to the surface of carbon fiber products, concrete or other substrates to prevent damage or deterioration of the substrate under the influence of media or environment. FRP pipes supplier shares with you.

FRP is a branch of composite materials. It is composed of resin, glass fiber and other auxiliary materials in a certain ratio. It has great flexibility and strength, as well as the weight of FRP. It is light in weight, easy to load and unload, and easy to install. It is also high in strength and very low in maintenance cost. Because of so many advantages, it is widely used in the petrochemical industry, and its specific weight is only 2/3 of concrete. therefore, in the current construction site, the material can be integrated according to the specific environment, and the construction work is very convenient.

FRP anti-corrosion can make the performance of FRP better. FRP anti-corrosion can withstand chemical corrosion, whether in the environment of strong acid and strong alkali or organic agents for a long time, it can stimulate very stable material performance, and also has a good insulation effect, so it is a very good insulation material in industry. It can also show good performance in those harsh weather conditions without cracking or rusting, permanently ensuring the stability of the material.

What Is FRP Corrosion Protection Performance?

FRP product structure type

1. Base material mainly refers to the surface of the material to be retained, the quality condition of the material and the quality of the material selection and fiberglass.

2. Transition bonding layer is mainly used for bonding between glass and substrate to ensure the shear strength between glass and substrate.

3. Resin mortar layer is mainly used to repair the surface defects of the substrate and improve the resistance of FRP coating.

4. The glass fiber reinforced layer is mainly used for reinforcement and leakage prevention of the glass fiber reinforced layer, to improve the mechanical properties of the glass fiber reinforced layer and to ensure that the site conditions meet the stress-strain requirements.

5. The outer protective layer is mainly used to resist the external environment and usually consists of an impermeable layer and a resin-rich layer to prevent corrosion and leakage.

In industrial production, we encounter much more complex situations, and the choice of anti-corrosion materials is affected. FRP anti-corrosion materials have been tested and found to be the best choice for us. WEITONG sells FRP related materials, including pipes, storage towers, etc. We welcome your inquiries.