October 29, 2021

Advantages and Installation of FRP Cable Tray

FRP cable trays are suitable for erecting power cables up to 10kV, indoor and outdoor overhead cable trenches, such as control lines, lighting lines, pneumatic and hydraulic pipe cables, etc.

Common laying of FRP cable bridges: overhead laying using process piping; lifting under floor slabs and beams; side installation of indoor and outdoor walls, column walls and cable trench walls can also be installed to outdoor columns or piers. FRP bridges can be laid horizontally and vertically, with branches in corners, d-rings and crosses. Width, height and diameter can be adjusted. Follow WEITONG to see more details.

FRP cable trays

FRP cable installation method

1, FRP cable bridge is a supporting project for cable wiring project. Installation requirements are orientation: according to the layout of the building, combined with the setting of the pipeline, easy maintenance, and the density of cable wiring, to determine the reasonable wiring of cable bridges. Indoors, try to erect along the walls, columns, beams and floors of the building.

2. Load calculation: Calculate the total cable force value and total length on the longitudinal section of the main cable bridge.

3. Determination of the bridge width: based on the number, diameter and spacing of the cable arrangement. Specify the type of bridge, diameter and specification, length of support arm, length and spacing of support arm, width and number of layers.

4、Determine the installation method: According to the site situation, determine the fixing method of FRP cable bridge, choose suspension, vertical, sidewall or mixed type. Connection lines and fasteners are usually together. In addition, the corresponding guardrail should be selected according to the bridge structure.

5、If used together with power cable erection, the straight sides of the power cable and the weak cable are separated by partitions.

6、Weak power cables share the bridge with other low-voltage cables. Weak cables in weak power systems with external anti-interference layers should be used strictly to avoid mutual interference. WEITONG also has FRP bridge supports for sale and welcome your visit.

FRP Bridge Support

WEITONG FRP cable trays are composed of FRP, flame retardant and other materials. Due to the low thermal conductivity of the materials chosen and the addition of flame retardant, the products not only have fire insulation and self-extinguishing properties, but also have extremely high corrosion resistance. At the same time, their materials have the advantages of light structure, ageing resistance, safety and reliability. Contact us today to purchase and get the quotes.