October 20, 2021

FRP Grating in Walkways and Water Treatment

FRP materials are lightweight and can be easily moulded or pultruded into a variety of profiles. From a strength-to-weight perspective, FRP is regarded as one of the greatest modern composite materials, outperforming a wide range of traditional materials including structural steel. Increasingly, industry leaders and facility construction experts are seeing it as an effective and environmentally friendly engineering material for challenging applications. FRP grating manufacturers introduce you to two of its new uses: walkways and wastewater treatment.

FRP walkways

Industrial walkways and platforms are part of the cornerstone of safe and efficient operations in factories, warehouses, hangars and many other large working environments. They allow easy access to critical operational areas and often provide elevated access to reduce foot traffic on the factory floor.

Traditional engineering materials such as steel are widely used to manufacture industrial platforms and walkways. In recent years, however, FRP walkways have become an attractive alternative with a wide range of beneficial performance characteristics, from ease of installation to reduced ongoing maintenance costs.

We have extensively compared the load-bearing properties of pultruded glass fibre with those of steel and found that structural elements made up of fibre reinforced polymers (FRP) significantly outperform steel when considering strength-to-weight ratios.

Weight reductions of up to 75% are achieved with comparable strength and excellent load-bearing properties in the longitudinal direction. This makes it an ideal material for industrial walkways, which are subjected to near-constant pressure from pedestrian traffic. It is also beneficial from a structural point of view, as the lightweight nature of fibreglass walkways reduces the pressure on building elements such as columns, structural profiles and roof supports.

frp grating

Wastewater treatment

Wastewater removal is a serious but unavoidable task. Our wastewater treatment grilles significantly reduce some of the concerns about discharging wastewater into areas of your facility that can cause incalculable and irreversible damage and production delays.

Switching to one of our many models of fibreglass wastewater treatment grating systems is indeed a sensible solution. It was time to replace the rusty, rotten smelling metal units that had been in need of replacement. Traditional materials are outdated compared to the more modern fibreglass grating. Wastewater treatment grating is in constant and prolonged contact with a free-flowing, chemical-laden dirty water source. This extreme exposure to potentially damaging and corrosive elements requires grating systems that can withstand harsh weathering without deterioration.

Whether you are installing a pavement, deck or manhole cover, our wastewater grating will provide the most practical, safe and manageable method of water treatment. the high strength of FRP products also translates into superior toughness, which will not rust even under the most challenging working conditions.

frp grating

At WEITONG FRP, we design and manufacture grids based on a range of tried and tested FRP grids. Using our unique expertise in pultrusion moulding, we can generate bespoke solutions, including tailor-made grilles, safety handrails and a variety of features that can enhance the performance of walkway systems.